Flea Market Rules & Regulations


RENT is $25 per Space

Gates will be opened at 5 a.m. Sunday Morning for Vendors to come onto the Grounds.

Main building doors will open at 6 a.m. for inside vendors. 

You may put up tables but you CANNOT put anything on or around your tables until 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning.


Tables are NOT provided for the Outside spaces, you will need to bring anything you might need for the outside spaces. We do have tables and chairs for the Inside spaces. Tables and Chairs are NOT to leave the building. 





The WCC is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization (privately owned and operated by the WCC, not the city of Wentzville). Profits generated by the Flea Market are used to maintain and improve our property and distributed to organizations in the community.


To ensure the best possible results we must from time to time amend, incorporate, or remind you of our rules and guidelines. The WCC reserves the right to change/amend these rules at any time.


The Wentzville Police Department patrols the area regularly.


We are a Family Friendly venue, please act accordingly.



1.     FOOD and/or DRINK PRODUCTS:

Are prohibited.

•  You are NOT allowed to sell any food or drink products, including samples of pre-packaged goods. Violators will not be allowed to continue sales.

•  Giving away free samples is NOT allowed.

•  Home grown fruits and vegetables ARE allowed.

•  More detailed information is available at the information booth in the main building.


•  Service Animals are the ONLY exception. They are required to have a vest and/or tag with authentic verification.

•  The ADA does not recognize comfort or emotional support animals as Service Animals nor do we.

•  No animals of any type are allowed to be sold, advertised, or given away on the WCC property.

•  Vendors, please leave your pets at home. You are not allowed to have them in your space or your vehicle.

•  Pets left in vehicles are subject to fines or tickets by the Wentzville Police Dept.

3.     TYPES OF VENDORS:  (2 types)

•  Reserved: Assigned space, paid by the month (You must put your name on the waiting list in the main building to request a reserved space...You can do this on a Sunday during business hours, phone requests will not be taken)

•  Non-Reserved: 1st come, 1st serve space, paid each time you set up.

4.     SELLING:

•  You must be 18 to be a vendor.

•  Vendors may set up tables at any time but may NOT have any merchandise on or under the tables before 6:30 am.

•  If a tent is set up, you may NOT have merchandise set up inside the tent.

•  Vendors may begin to put items on their tables NO EARLIER than 6:30 am Sunday morning.

•  Vendors may start selling at 7 am.

•  You MUST be in a vendor spot to sell.

•  Walking around and selling items is strictly prohibited.

•  Sell in the parking lot is strictly prohibited.

 • Vendors will be responsible for any damages to the WCC property.


•  Reserved vendors must pay rent by the first Sunday of each month, if rent is not paid by the second Sunday of the month (including late fees), you will lose your space.

•  Reserved vendor spaces will have a Primary and a Secondary (if available) name listed on our Reserved Vendor Tags.

•  The Primary or Secondary named on the vendor tag must be present in the vendor space.

•  Only the Primary Vendor named on the Tag can request changes to their space in respect to adding or deleting names from their Reserved Tag.

•  All requested changes will require the approval of the Flea Market Chairman.

•  If the Primary Vendor should decide to relinquish his space the secondary holder is not automatically entitled to that space.

•  Vendor Tags must be displayed in an easily visible area that enables the Flea Market Coordinators to simply walk by your space and verify that you are the Reserved Vendor, and it is current.

•  Reserved vendors have until 7:00 am to move into their spot. If the reserved vendor has not shown up by 7:00 am any seller may use the spot.

•  Rent will be collected if you are not the reserved vendor.

•  Vendor tags are Non-Transferable.

•  ABSOLUTELY NO “horse trading” or allowing other people use of the space other than those listed on the Reserved Tag.

•  Any person(s) attempting to use another person’s Reserved Vendor Tag will be escorted off property and the Reserved Vendor will forfeit their space indefinitely.

•  For those Reserved Vendors that operate under a business name, we will require you to give us, in advance, a list of employees that will be selling your products in your space.

6.     RENT: (Non-Reserved Vendors)

•  Rent is $25.00 per space, per Sunday. (currently, subject to change)

•  Vendors may claim up to a maximum of 2 spaces only.

•  Non-Reserved spaces are 1st come, 1st serve.

•  Vendor Spaces are marked with yellow lines; you must stay within those marked lines. Do not spread out into other spaces at any time.

•  Payment is required and must be made available once a vendor moves into a space.

•  A WCC representative will begin collections first thing; payment must be ready and available when the WCC Representative comes around to collect.

•  A written receipt is available from the collection coordinator or the information desk in the main building.

•  Only persons over the age of 18 will be allowed to set up and/or sell from vendor spaces.

•  There must be an adult (18 & up) in vendor space at all times.

•  Space Size:

•  Outside: sizes vary (call for details)

•  Inside: by the table. (6 ft & 8 ft)

•  FAILURE TO PAY RENT  (Non-Reserved):

•  Refusal to pay rent, for any reason, will result in you being barred from the flea market.

•  If you see someone leaving before paying their rent, get their license plate number and call the Flea Market Coordinator as soon as possible so that we can have the vehicle plates ran. 636-357-4328.

•  Please pay your rent at the main building if you must leave before we get to you to collect. If you leave before paying your rent, the fee will be double the rent for such action.


•  Handguns

•  Black Powder

•  **The WCC requires all rifles to have a gun lock or a zip tie placed through the chamber while on the property.**

•  Assault-Type Weapons

•  Toy Guns or ANYTHING capable of shooting projectiles

•  Air Soft guns or toys

•  Paintball Guns

•  Handheld crossbow/bolts

•  Ammunition (arrows & tips are considered ammo)

•  Arrows & bolts

•  Fireworks

•  Drug Paraphernalia

•  Porn (or related paraphernalia)

•  Bootlegged or copyright infringement items are not allowed to be sold. Homeland Security does monitor the flea market.

•  Food or drinks (soda, bottled water, etc.) are not allowed to be sold.

•  You will be asked to leave the property immediately if you are selling any of these items.

•  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are NOT allowed on the WCC property. The WCC holds State, County & City issued liquor licenses. There are strict rules that must be followed to maintain that license. You will be asked to leave the property immediately.


•  The WCC prohibits the passing out of flyers or any other form of advertising. No signature collecting or surveys of any form.

9.     WARNINGS:

•  Vendors will be given 1 warning: attitude, vulgar language, disrespecting WCC personnel and/or property, leaving trash, etc.

•  After 1 warning you will be asked to leave.


•  Trash receptacles are for customers use only, not vendors.

•  Please pick up around your selling area before leaving for the day.

•  Please pick up all cigarette butts left in your space.

•  Take ALL unsold merchandise and products with you, including cardboard boxes and packaging of any type. We do not have the capacity to dispose of everyone’s unsold items/boxes, we are not a recycler.

•  The WCC is charged for large items left, which will result in higher rent fees.

11.   WEATHER:

•  It will be at the WCC Coordinator’s discretion to close the Flea Market due to the weather.

•  Inside vendors will be notified and given an hour to pack and load. Doors to the building will then be locked.


•  Required to be weighted down.

•  10-pound minimum on each leg.

•  You will be asked to take your canopy/tent down if it is not securely weighted.


•  Non-Reserved spaces are 1st come; 1st serve. Claim your space(s) only. 


•  Your selling space is your parking space.

•  1 vehicle per space is allowed. (car, truck, trailer)

•  Vendors and their helpers MUST park within their rented space (behind and within the yellow lines). Customer parking is at a premium. Without parking you have no customers to sell to. Please do not take up any parking from your customers.

15.   Do NOT drive forward through the grass to exit your vendor spaces.

•  Please back out of the spot. Driving through the grounds causes ruts and increases our maintenance costs.  Damages will be billed to you or your insurance provider.

•  If your vehicle becomes stuck, it will be at the owner’s expense to have it pulled/towed out.


•  Inside Vendor parking is provided in the small parking lot on the South side of the building. Inside vendors should limit themselves to one vehicle parked on this lot.

•  Immediately upon unloading your vehicle – and before setting up your table/booth – you must move your vehicle from the loading/unloading zone to the parking lot to provide space for other Vendors to unload their wares.

•  When all parking spaces are taken, you must park in the large parking lot.


•  NO VEHICLES are allowed to drive through the Flea Market between 7:00 am and Noon FOR ANY REASON!

•  If you sell a large item, it must be carried out or picked up with a vehicle AFTER Noon.