It was during the early 1930’s, while the nation and the town werefeeling the effects of the Depression that a group of business men, public minded citizens and Lions Club members met and formed a new civic organization, The Wentzville Community Club. It helped a chartered town in its economic struggles. A series of community sales and dinners were held to raise money and to help stimulate business and trade.

The Community Club had an open air street carnival to raise money for the water connections. In August of 1934, the event was held on North Main at Linn Avenue. The event raised $1500.00.


Up until 1935, the town had been plagued with disastrous fires which threatened, on numerous occasions, to destroy the whole business district. Concerned citizens saw the need for a new water works and a sewage system. Through the persistence of the Club, Federal aid was payment for the water tower, well digging and water lines, but there were no funds to pay for the service connections. It was three days of fun, activities for the kids, wonderful food, and all varieties of music and entertainment. During 1936 a Queen Pageant was added to the homecoming. For many years, this celebration was an annual affair.


The Club continued to provide funds to assist the city in its efforts to help its citizens grow and prosper through a variety of fundraising efforts. After operating at two other locations, the Community Club found its permanent place by constructing a building on the 18 acres that it sits on today in downtown Wentzville.


It is at this location that fundraising continues with weekly bingo games, which provide the monies that are available to support the needs of area non-profit organizations and to provide eight, four-year scholarships to qualifying seniors of the Wentzville high schools.


The idea for the Sunday Flea Market originated in the 1970’s when other fundraising efforts were needed to enhance support of the ever-increasing financial needs of the growing community. On a typical summer Sunday, the Flea Market fills spaces with over 400 vendors and has been recognized as one of the best in the region.


A hard-working group of volunteers continues to carry on the original intention of the founding Fathers of the Wentzville Community Club: to work together for the well-being of the City of Wentzville and its citizens.


We are always looking for like-minded friends to join us in our efforts to continue the work of the Community Club. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this worthwhile endeavor and become a volunteer with the Wentzville Community Club.